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Many companies struggle with organizational and communication problems. Regardless of a branch there are often problems with internal communication between employees and external communication with clients, contractors, producers or subcontractors. There is bigger and bigger need for storing documentation in an electronic form and organizing work on contracts or projects conducted by a company.

Companies attempt to put their commercial or project works in order by introducing CRM or documentation management systems. Unfortunately a typical CRM solution requires entering much data by employees and forces them to sacrifice much time for work with a new system. As a result implementation are not successful. There is a big human resistance and systems remain unused.

To make the things worse, on the market there are not many solutions connecting communication with organization. Solutions basing on systems from the biggest suppliers are expensive and difficult to implement in Polish realities. Additionally they require purchasing a license and advanced servers.

The situation is complicated by the fact, that during an attempt to introduce a system for communication, documentation and work organization management, the technical problems occur. In case, that several dozen of people work at the same time, the system often does not withstand overloading. Huge servers and expenses for a license are needed. Additionally the users complain on an inconvenient interface, often built in a web browser, improper for an intensive office work.

The solution
of the problems is

Facing all these problems TENVIRK company has worked out TenvirkMK system, which solves mentioned issues. We invite You to study the information related to this topic, contained in the brochure.

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system for organization
and communication in a company...


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technology used in TENVIRK for
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